Approach . . .

As a therapist, I am listening for your integrated, authentic self, your strengths and resilience, not what is “wrong” with you. I work very much in the present moment, with compassion and mindfulness, both of which I will also encourage you to practice.

Methods we might incorporate into our time together include:

awareness of breath to be more present to your body and the moment, 
the skill of mindfulness (present moment awareness without judgment), 
self-reflective writing, 
the use of poetry to help articulate your unexpressed longings, 
development of intentional questions, and 
suggestions for daily self care.

Sometimes, I may even suggest doing nothing! How well has life in this society taught us to do that?

All of the methods are designed to help you become more conscious and more mindful from moment-to-moment in a consciously created life.

Janice Falls,   R.P.
I would like to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.  –John O’Donohue