Focus . . . 

​My experience, along with my passion for learning and understanding more about conscious living and conscious dying, about loss and grief, and about the trauma of everyday living, guide me as I work with clients.

In particular, I notice that we all struggle with the inevitability of loss and the many endings life presents, such as:

the end of cancer treatments, 
the end of a socially acceptable (but too short) period of grief, 
the approach of death (yours or someone else’s), 
the changes to health or work or relationships that require us to accept what no    longer is, and to discover what may now become available to us.

We may find ourselves in a challenging place of not knowing as we seek to make meaning. Here is a place for counselling, for new beginnings.

Janice Falls, R.P.
I would like to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.  –John O’Donohue